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living the dream

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                                               2014 and still living the dream
                                                             four years on


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                                                                               The story so far
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I departed England May 2010 for my third round trip to the Med , four months on the crew of Isabelle had  increased by three , Christine joined me in Portugal bring with her Sam and Eddie , sadly to say Sam pasted away November last year . Forward 12000 NM and we about to start our fifth years as live aboard.

There not one day that we regret the decision we made to become live aboard , every day is different, the people we made friends with is unbelievable , there not been a sun set or sun rise that haven’t taken our breath away , if I had to describe our lives in one word it would be , perfect .

Many people year after year dream of sailing away from all over the world , for some their dream quickly becomes a night mare , very soon they realise living in a small space close to their partner 24/7 isn’t for then and after a year and sometimes a lot sooner they return to what they use to call home , for the rest of us our world become more exciting then we can ever imagine it to be , each day hold a new surprise , life is anything but boring .

Who and what is a live aboard ?

There are two types of live aboard  , the ones  who sail thought the summer months returning home in the winter and the ones who  live on their boats all year round , between these two groups there isn’t much different , both are living there dream , both groups live for cruising , some have given up everything for this life , other have just popped out of what the human race believe normal  for some years to live out their dream , we are all following out dream to live a free life without the baggage that the 21st century throw at us .the only real different is the first group for what every there reason  may be , spend part of the year In an house , at the end of the day we are all brothers in arms .

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